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Since the summer wedding season is almost over I had finally some time to put my new portfolio on the blog, I have met Ciaran and Emily in March and had a lovely time discussing what they would like on their wedding day. They wanted natural photography, nothing posed and I said that this is the right address because that is exactly what I do. They told be the wedding party will go on the bus from the church in Monkstown to the Fallons and Byrne in Town, I loved the idea and here are some sample photos, the wedding party wasn't big so it gave me a space and time to take more candid photos and the couple really enjoyed the day and their Big Day photo story. I really enjoyed every minute of my work that day.

This was a stormy day at Co.Wicklow's beautiful beach. But the couple love the sea and view, so the decision was made to go ahead anyway. Just before it started to rain heavily I captured this beautiful pre wedding portrait as the couple was unaware I was climbing up the dune. Embraced and happy, natural and fun, can't wait to meet them on their big day.

 Of course every wedding is unique in its own way. This one is highlighted by the very important role played by the final touch to the brides look, this incredibly beautiful hair piece, which disappeared just as the bride was preparing to put it on. She made every effort not to get nervous, but the atmosphere tensed. Finally it was found in a car boot. Although the bride mentioned it was lovely, I didn't realise it was so special, until I opened the box in which it was held
- a hair piece that looked like a chain of raindrops


In this very simple, yet elegant, black and white newborn photo .w      e can see a recently captured loving embrace between a mother and her content little baby. A long journey was made to Galway to meet with the mum and dad of this little boy, yet it was all worth it to record this moment!

So, what can youexpect when booking me for such a session?

To fulfill my promise of providing comfort within your own home when completing at home booked photo session, I will travel with my equipment and a variety of props and accessories, such as backdrops which I used in the photo above. This is all so that your family is not placed in the unfamiliar setting of a studio and is in the relaxed, natural setting of a well known place - home!

 There is no need to put pressure on yourself to have the house in a spotless condition, and if your baby didn't sleep well or behaves a bit differently than the usual day -which is common- there is no need to worry. I have gained 14 years of experience in family photography and am a mother myself.
Initially, have a set of clothing prepared for the baby and you can trust my assistant and me to do our best in all other technical aspects. Instructions as to how the session will run are listed below:

The sun is beginning to peek out from behind clouds and temperatures are on the rise! Summer is just around the corner and many photo sessions are taking place amidst nature: in parks, woods, gardens and beaches.
My favorite and busiest part of the year started off with this maternity photo session in Cabinteely Park in South Dublin. An ideal place for a session, always blooming with rich colour! 
This mum to be must've taken inspiration from this scenery with her lovely floral printed outfit and dainty flower crown!
 I am looking forward to photographing not only the bump but the baby too, when it arrives in May! 
If you are looking for a similar session, you may ask about the packages and deals on my website

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