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What "on location session" means and what is included:
on location  photo session simply means that I am coming to your house, and what I need is a room preferably with double bed (to pose the baby on)and a plain wall-to be used as a backdrop, wooden floor is an advantage (to put the basket on the floor). And most important: the window light. That is the natural light source (the modelling light) I am going to use to take all the lovely portraits of your baby and the family.  I am coming to your house for the reason that I believe it is most comfortable for your little bean and probably for your family as well. It is all very simple and you now can just relax and prepare for the session as it will be lots of fun and unexpected moments waiting to be captured also...
I love photographing dads and their daughters, one of the reason I started in family photography was this particular b&w portrait my uncle took of me and my dad. I was 2 or 3 years old but thankfully to this photography I remember this special bond, from that day( maybe not possible but maybe somehow it's written in the memory?)I have had with my Dad. This memory and this photograph of me and my dad walking in the forest is very precious to me -through my work I want to give a gift to other daughters, or children  of this special memories captured.

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"(Yours were the first ...)"

Yours were the first eyes I looked into.
Yours were the first arms to hold me tight.
You were the first to show me never-ending love and compassion.
Forever . . . you are my mother
And I am blessed.
 Author: Author: E.K. Mitchell
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