family photography dublin ireland
baby photography dublin
This little princess and her Mum have been photographed in the comfort of their own home in a very relaxed atmosphere with help of Esme's fantastic grandparents who come from cork every weekend just to be with this little princess, absolutely amazing experience photographing this beautiful family.
For more info on newborn baby and contemporary family portrait please call Anna on :0851092465
Winter Weddings and Christmas Weddings are one of my favorite subjects in photography- it is cold but sometimes the light might be surprisingly beautiful, on this pic I photographed Abi & Steve in Bray the  morning was cold and grey but  I used only natural light here the beach was empty that gave us a space for finding the right angle.
 One of my most gracious little models, just capturing the moment on the sofa on Sunday afternoon. Main source of light : window light form left, not to mention this little girls who is just a sun ray!

I know I mentioned it many times but I really love working with the natural light in Ireland, it is slightly blue in temperature and very "flattering" works great with complexion and does not make harsh shadows on faces. This photo has been taken on an overcast day indoors with the use of portraiture lens and two windows as the main source of light.

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