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This photograph of these three amazing, bubbly and beautiful siblings has been taken (by Me:) recently in the living room in their house. The room was lit with two large windows and the kids sat on the puff in front of the bright colored wall. It is very important that the session takes place in a very relaxed manner, with lots of patience, singing games:) and preferably in the morning when the kids are full of energy, fresh and just after having a lovely big breakfast. It is good they have some surprise ( a snack) promised for after the session. we had a great time and the pictures will be cherished forever- I think that is an aim of a good photographer and the standard of a discreet professionalism should be kept every time in every house or in the studio. 
How to prepare for a newborn and family session?

When the booking is arranged ( it is great if it is done at least 2 weeks beforehand) it makes the event stress free  and therefore more exciting, we have time to exchange all the info re preparation for the session. package details (what will my client get exactly for the price offered) Also I can answer all questions ie: what is a digital file and what is a jpg image , what kind of framing , enlargements (prints) sizes do I provide, what should we wear, what do you need from us, how long does it take to have the gallery ready, will the pictures be fully edited, when we can expect the greeting e-card with our initials and baby's date of birth ....a lots lost more...I receive plenty of emails each day and try to get back asap individually because I know parents don't have time to organize session before baby's due very often and they want to know if it is possible to book now:)
Sometimes the mailing conversation is endless, so please please please make your booking early to avoid chaos with the baby coming everything is upside down anyway..
But now:  what is a family session and how I work with the newborn babies?
The joined family and newborn session is one of my favorites. I got to take plenty of photos of the baby and the siblings together there is plenty of fun and giggles- I start to work with the toddlers and babies first as they tend to get very tired quickly the excitement vanishes soon and it is good to have some treats prepared, just in case we need more time for photos. With the newborn babies-there is no rule how exactly your baby is going to "behave"usually it is just better to have the pictures done by the time the newborn bean id 14 days old.

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So much love and happiness captured recently with Molly and her parents..amazing session at home , with plenty of giggles, few tears unexpected family visit, a puppy and a great natural light that helps me to create this unforgettable "snaps". Priceless experience with photos to be cherished forever.
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