'I let the children be themselves, and try to find out who they are' Nan Goldin on

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Today I wanted to share some thoughts of my beloved photographer Nan Goldin on why and how she sees children in her photography. This is a text I have found in The Guardian some time ago and found answers to lots of my questions and questions that I am being asked by other people and my clients. Nan Goldin is well know american artist/photographer. She has never admitted that photography is an art to her though her work is recognized widely. She is known for her honest style in documenting life in New York in mid 80. Her work is touching very important subjects including: motherhood, sexuality, social matters and finally the magical world of children and their sensitivity.

 I don't photograph adults so much any more. I don't have a child and, psychologically, my focus on them is a lot about me wishing that I did. But I am a godmother to friends' children around the world – in Berlin, New York, Sweden and Italy. I don't remember much ever feeling like a child, so maybe photographing them triggers memories. They are wild and magical, as if from another planet. And they haven't been socially conditioned yet, so they can scream and express how they feel publicly. Sometimes I envy them. When I am in a group of people, the children and I find each other's eyes, and end up laughing at the same, unspoken thing.
I've been taking pictures of children since the early 1980s, and it's become increasingly important to me. I see a continuum in the children of my friends, some of whom have died. It's about hoping that my friends will bring up a new species of people.
Her work can be seen here:

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