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When and who decided what is a portrait?

I'll tell you this: work your angle. And plan ahead what you want to capture have a glimpse, a hint of knowledge regarding what your client wants to have... Everything else in photography is just an undiscovered land you can play with.
 One of my unsurpassed  masters Jane Bown was taking pictures always almost at the eye level of her model. This gives a feeling of intimacy we all like so much.

children portrait photography dublin Matchbox Photography Anna Nowakowska

How to get a natural smile out of a person when shooting portrait? Some people have it natural, it's the way they are. And that is the best you can get. But also it is important to remember never force a child to smile for a photographer. I often encourage my little model not to smile if they don't want to because (even if mum is standing on the side saying "SMILE"):

  1. It is visible on the picture if the smile is not genuine.
  2. Children (I know that from my broad experience since I am a mum too) tend to do just the opposite they have been told to do if they are forced.

And the result is that you have a wince... That is not something that anybody would consider a lovely, candid photo that you want to hang on your wall and have "cherished for future generations" let the kids do what they ought to themselves.

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NCBI Ireland Portrait Photography by Anna Nowakowska

Some very important project has just been completed!!! For the past few weeks I had the extraordinary opportunity to work for NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland), making a special portrait photo documentary series of their members. The project is called "Rainbow Journeys”.

I will devote another post to it, but now you can already find more details of the Project on NCBI website under the link here:

Briefly, many thanks for whole fantastic team of NCBI, who suported me during this busy time, that was great experience to work with you together guys! Hope for broader cooperation in near future:)

NCBI portrait photography by Anna Nowakowska Matchbox Photography

The gallery of Portraits Photography for NCBI will be available here.

I took a great pleasure in photographing this small venue wedding late September wedding in Dublin. It was a spiritual ceremony with candles and exchanging white roses as a symbol of pure love and devotion.
The venue took place in a small but gorgeous garden on the back of one of the oldest Pubs in Dublin. Most importantly I had lots of time to spend at my favourite time of the day with the bride - the bride preparation. Lots of fun and time to shoot details like this one above properly and with attention. Everything went accordingly to time schedule and in relaxed atmosphere but there were few joyful tears shed....

more details you can watch by my wedding photojournalism portfolio

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What is important in baby photography? How to produce something that is really unique to each and every portrait? Our children grow up so fast that capturing every moment would be recommended but unfortunately it is not possible. But what I take into consideration when capturing newborn or babies is a close-up. It could be anything form first moment of grabbing daddy's thumb to first smile or favourite toy or blanket. Details. Mummy's smile and hair. It is all still a big part of a family or baby portrait.

baby photographer anna nowakowska matchbox photography dublin ireland

I try to take as many photgraphs like that as possible because that is also capturing time and development of your little one.
baby photography portfolio

Very often my clients ask me whether to choose studio or natural light/ location based photo shoot for their baby or family portrait. What light is better?
Artificial/ studio or ambient/natural light. I would like to explain this whole subject but I would have to break it into few separate posts as the subject of lighting is very broad. Light matters especially when we think of candid baby portraits.
Natural light in photography is sun light and the way it falls on the subject, in this case the model. In the studio everything photographer does is simply "imitating" the sunlight by using flash and strobe lights. The best results in portraiture photography can be achieved with one soft box only.

So why imitate something that is there already? Natural light is beautiful it reflects in range of tones and it doesn't have to be bright/sharp day light to take good photographs of your baby. I am personally a big fan of Irish light. It has soft blue tone in it that gives skin lovely soft colours. For best results when shooting indoors - the clients home - I use wide aperture and low ISO. This combination creates great depth of field. But most importantly when shooting on location or outdoors using natural light I have this whole great space to use to capture children at play or when running, basically doing what children like to do most. I can still introduce props but don't have to worry about babies and kids getting bored quickly. And for that and many other reasons I would recommend using what's given. Simple and natural light. 

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