One of my most gracious little models, just capturing the moment on the sofa on Sunday afternoon. The main source of light was window light from the left, not to mention this little girls who is just a ray of sunshine herself!

 I really love working with the natural light in Ireland, it is slightly blue in temperature and very "flattering", working great with different complexions and does not make harsh shadows on faces. This photo has been taken on an overcast day indoors with the use of portraiture lens and two windows as the main source of light.

This session took place almost a year ago in the heat of July 2016, yet it was an unforgettable experience. Lovely, happy children and a warm, welcoming family!

If you desire a family photo session such as this one, check out my website

Although winter is on its way, and the sun is beginning to show itself less and less, browsing and editing late summer sessions warms up the heart. Here one of the three children I photographed in late July, playing in the garden. It was a grey day but we still managed to capture some rare sun rays, The illuminated yet hidden L. plays in the garden.
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