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Yours were the first eyes I looked into.
Yours were the first arms to hold me tight.
You were the first to show me never-ending love and compassion.
Forever . . . you are my mother
And I am blessed.
by E.K. Mitchell
It is important to capture those first  few moments of bonding and love between parents and their  new baby. As a mum of  two girls this subject is especially close to my heart and I just have one thing to say: I should've taken more portraits of them when they were younger, when there was a time they let me!
Make sure to capture such moments as often as possible!
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 This little sunshine created amazing atmosphere, and made her parents very proud and happy!

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 Rachel made this special trip to Dublin - "it was on my bucket list" she stated - and hired me to take  a few photos of her trip. We had a lovely relaxed walk which included a bit of sightseeing but she had a special wish to take one wedding portrait as she wasn't particularly pleased with those from her wedding day.

A candid shot.

Rachel and her family in Dublin.
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