This beautiful weather ,sun beams coming trough branches, sun everywhere actually. How lucky I was that day in Marlay park when met lovely Helen and Cillian for their pre-wedding portrait photo session on. And it's just the beginning of March. I really enjoyed the day we spend together and I can't wait to photograph their wedding day soon! I love being part of such great things as photographing your happiness! And therefore I love my job more and more every day.

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This a vol.2 session with Isabel and Wanderley just before heading out to photograph wedding. I did know at that stage that they are about to be engaged shortly. And I wanted to capture this busy morning details of their story. Wanderley nervously preparing and Isabel floating softly around in her PJ's around the house. I guess that would be their story... simple but stunning. If you want to share you love story with me, engagement or wedding day , I am open to your ideas as well.

Isabel is from Brasil. She is visiting my fellow photographer Wanderley Massafelli in Dublin. I just entered their kitchen on a very dull but busy Saturday morning breakfast before heading to do some wedding photography. There was already a friendly hum in the kitchen, smell of freshly brewed coffee and ...a sunshine! Isabel just turned her face to me when I entered the kitchen and the light from the window felt directly on to her face. This face brighten up our morning. Its freshness and beautiful smile. Kindness of a personality. Wanderley and Isabel got engaged recently and Wanderley...I must say it out loud : you are very lucky man, this girl will definitely brighten up your days for a long time to come! You have your own little Brasil, here in Ireland.

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This post and the one before is about Helena, who's bored because adults decided to have a lazy Sunday morning. She is playing pick a boo with the table leg and pulling her brothers jumper or she's pinching him occasionally. But it doesn't help. To break the mould of this rainy lazy Sunday...
There is nothing more relaxing than a late and lazy Sunday breakfast with friends. These photographs are part of my project called the day of your life and is about photographing families in their natural environment. I came up with this idea when was looking for some refreshment of traditional form of family photography or studio photography. This idea is to make candid a spontaneous diary of a family's day.
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