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Today I wanted to share some thoughts of my beloved photographer Nan Goldin on why and how she sees children in her photography. This is a text I have found in The Guardian some time ago and found answers to lots of my questions and questions that I am being asked by other people and my clients. Nan Goldin is well know american artist/photographer. She has never admitted that photography is an art to her though her work is recognized widely. She is known for her honest style in documenting life in New York in mid 80. Her work is touching very important subjects including: motherhood, sexuality, social matters and finally the magical world of children and their sensitivity.

 I don't photograph adults so much any more. I don't have a child and, psychologically, my focus on them is a lot about me wishing that I did. But I am a godmother to friends' children around the world – in Berlin, New York, Sweden and Italy. I don't remember much ever feeling like a child, so maybe photographing them triggers memories. They are wild and magical, as if from another planet. And they haven't been socially conditioned yet, so they can scream and express how they feel publicly. Sometimes I envy them. When I am in a group of people, the children and I find each other's eyes, and end up laughing at the same, unspoken thing.
I've been taking pictures of children since the early 1980s, and it's become increasingly important to me. I see a continuum in the children of my friends, some of whom have died. It's about hoping that my friends will bring up a new species of people.
Her work can be seen here:
wedding and engagement portrait photography dublin anna nowakowska

I have met this lovely couple for an engagement portrait photo shoot few weeks ago and must admit it was a real treat.  Although It was the beginning of January  we've had lots of sun. I have asked them where they 've met as I am nosy and like to know "things" but also if possible love to go back to important places in peoples lives. I was amazed with their story and because we spend few first moments in Trinity College (Dublin) Gardens I spotted this ribboned tree that was just standing there colourful in the middle of the winter and I thought perfect spot for my couple- so much of similarity.:)  I can't wait to photograph your special day guys! It's going to be soo beautiful.

ps. I do engagement photos for every couple that I have pleasure to do Wedding Day with ...please contact me to book a beautiful photo shoot in your special place!

I have been writing a bit on newborn, baby, family portrait re; very important thing preparation for the shot.
Here is the tip: No matter how big you think you are prepare clothes that will show your curves. That is one thing I always tell my mums to be. Few pairs of bra in different colours. We are going to expose belly and naturally some part of the upper belly where the bra is in focus as well. Try colours that match your eyes.  Good pair of comfy Leggins are inevitable. For changing position and maybe a relaxed walk to the beach to take some photos there.. In my photographs I use a lot of lot o colour. But always ask mums to prepare clothes that are plain. Not to stripy or squery..(is that even a word). I give plenty of advice anyway Before the photo session. so don't worry. it's about you in that special moments not only the almighty BUMP.:)
Maternity baby photography dublin ireland anna nowakowska

I have seen a lot of joy photographing newborn babies and their families. I honestly have to say I have a privilege witnessing all this. But I have also seen parents overwhelmed by this "joy":) Well my dear fellow mums it all takes time..I suppose. We all learn and we all have been there.. I just need to say it out loud please don't feel uncomfortable because you invited this strange polish lady with the big camera. I am part of it  I am a mum and I am documenting something very important. I am open to your ideas. You have every right to get tired and nervous..countless .sleepless nights and where is my space? But that's all a part of motherhood and I try to document a very look and smile that comes with it. How proud you really are even though exhausted with two other children and a toddler that want to be with you all the same..I like the way the mum looks at dad here..and I think it's worth photographing this as a proof of love. Everything that family should be. Not only on the photographs of course.
maternity pregnancy portrait photography dublin
This post is about expecting (maternity photos) and about what's next. I have been asked to do joined photo sessions of expecting parents and then the baby on arrival, ok shortly after.  I love this type of work because it's a great chance to work with the same people twice and it's not happening that often in my profession. And on top of that I photograph the most exciting and happy moment in their lives. The beginning. Spring in life.  What a joy! This beautiful tattooed lady has just gave birth to her baby son and I am going to be there soon to capture those first moments of his life! Every time I try to encourage to be both parents and sibling on the newborn photos as I know they will be grateful later on! To have that memories and themselves as a part of it. I will soon post the photos form our recent work.
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