Today I had a pleasure to take few images of baby boy J. I made a trip to Wicklow and I knew it was going to be good. But on arrival I realised I am not only going to do the baby shoot, but also a huge chestnut family friend Roxy wanted to be in the frame, seeking my attention and licking the camera lens!!! Surprise surprise! :)

And who owns that paw on the left? I was worrying about propping and positioning the 2 month old baby. So delicate...and fragile. But Roxy solved the problem. She just wanted to be a part of it! 

 And I realised again that there is always space for a surprise as a natural part of every photoshoot.  It's not worth it to beat yourself up about all unexpected things. If you find yourself in such a situation - just go on with it! It is a part of the workflow! Be prepared for surprises! You're going to love it even more!

To see more results of the day, please go to Newborn & Baby Portraits Photography Gallery from Wicklow.

What is a family portrait? Or rather what is a portrait of a family? Portrait in general is a picture of a person, or a sketch or sculpture, but a portrait is so much than that. It is a collaboration between a subject and in this case a photographer. It is about the balance between those two. But first and foremost : how the photographer sees the world, how he or she sees other people.
This black and white picture of my father and I is one of my favourites. I remember  being  a child on a stroll with my father and an uncle of mine, just next to this vast forest.  My uncle was an amateur photographer, always carrying his Minolta x300. And this moment just happened. I wasn't ask to pose. And it looks natural. The light was beautiful as it was a sunny day. A little girl and her father. 

I have kept this one with me my whole life. The memory stays with it. I think that is the main magic trick of photography. It grasps moments that we don't want to let go...

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