This photograph of these three amazing, bubbly and beautiful siblings has been taken recently in the living room of their house. It was lit by two large windows and the kids sat on a simple pillow in front of a brightly coloured wall, no extra props or artificial lighting was needed to get the finished result!
 I think what attributed to such a lovely session was that it took place in a very relaxed atmosphere, with lots of patience and in the morning, when the kids were full of energy and excitement. From experience, the session runs smoothly if a treat or some other form of reward is promised for after the session, this way everyone is patient during a long shoot. We had a great time and these pictures will be cherished forever - I think that is an aim of a good photographer, and the standard of discreet professionalism should be kept each time in every house or studio. 
How should you prepare for a newborn and family session?

 I advise booking to be arranged roughly two weeks beforehand - it makes the event stress free and therefore more exciting as we have time to exchange all the information regarding the preparation for the session along with package details - what my client will receive for the price offered. I also get the chance to answer any burning questions such as
What is a digital file?
What is a JPG image?
What kind of framing, and print sizes do I provide?
What should we wear?
How long do we wait before getting a preview of the shots?
Will the pictures be fully edited?
Of course, such questions can be emailed to me at

What is my routine during a shoot?
I begin the shoot with the toddlers and babies first as they tend to get tired quite quickly and their excitement recedes. A good idea is good to have some treats prepared, just in case we need more time for photos. With the newborn babies there is no set idea of how your baby is going to act, it is easier to have the seession done by the time the newborn is around 14 days old.

So much love and happiness captured recently with baby Molly and her parents. An amazing session at home, with plenty of giggles, even a few tears following an unexpected family visit, and great natural lighting that helped to create these unforgettable snaps. Priceless experience with photos to be cherished forever.

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