Beautiful wedding portrait photography and wedding photojournalism

A simple embrace of a couple who'd just got married. Day light wedding portrait on a busy street of Dublin.  Captured just after the wedding ceremony and in front the venue doors.
Following one of my favorite photographers: "The magic happens when you, as the photographer, tap into the human experience that we can all relate to, whether it is a mother cradling a child, lovers embracing, or a couple kissing...This is where you once again must rely on your inner feelings of when to push the shutter.." I love this shot because it is looks natural and represents pure happines, covered with the veil.

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Contemporary wedding photography by Anna Nowakowska

This is a town wedding that I recently had the great pleasure to photograph. Beautiful couple and venue. Wedding photography - street style. Capturing your special day in the most natural way.
Family portrait natural light photography Dublin

Why not pick your favorite place for the  family photo session? Here the Irish Museum of Modern Art grounds feature as a backdrop. A beautiful sunny day with one little extremely cute chap and his beloved auntie.
Summer time is great for natural light portrait photography, and family photography outdoors, here I had this enormous pleasure to wonder around this beautiful garden with my camera and three lenses in Enfield. Photographed family of six, along with three dogs and three horses, cats, glass houses and lovely hydrangeas. Great day!
newborn baby maternity photography dublin
Motherhood ...
newborn photography dublin

Isn't she just adorable with her little ear sticking out? We had such a lovely morning photographing this little bundle of joy. This time in Bray, Co. Wicklow. I witnessed a very happy moment in this family's life. Did I mention how much I love my job already?

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family portrait dublin
Summer this year might not be very merciful... Here in between two storms family photo session in 5 minutes of sunshine! We were so lucky! I have nothing against the grey Irish light which is diffused and flattering, but when you have a photo session planned for a long time and the first thing you see is just the buckets of water pouring down on the planet - that's a different story...
In that case: Band stands, umbrellas, and thick woods...the worst case scenario is cancellation. But uff...we managed to do everything just fine! Fingers crossed for the next time.:)
Every wedding is special. But it's even prettier with kids around. It gives the wedding pictures gallery a hint of unexpected fun and joy. And it's such a pleasure to photograph the amazement on the kiddies faces!
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