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The fashion comes and goes. We are in the special era when everybody wants to turn their precious baby in the bumble bee or ladybird, or maybe even a pumpkin. But I think -personally- that we need to remeber what is universal in  baby and newborn photography.  That is a special uniqueness of your brand new baby and making enormous effort to wrap your baby put in the basket, basin ,bucket instead of making it relaxed top give you this unforgettable experience and freshness of newborn shot.  A first smile! What a treat. What a rewarding job! To witness that and see the jou in parents eyes and be gratified for this! Well, let's be honest sometimes it's hard. And Marta and Tom now exactly what I am talking about.:) But yeah! On the end of the day it is a very enjoyable experience! And I love it!

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This little elf has been found recently on Christmas Gift Voucher Baby Photo shoot and as you can see yourself is very happy and bubbly. This and many other photos has been taken recently of little Santa helpers and I am sure are gonna be treasured for many Christmases to come:) By mum dad grandparents and friends. And in addition pictures like that make a fantastic personalised Christmas Cards presents and what a surprise when you expect another robin Christmas card and there it is ...yeah some little robin indeed:) Merry Christmas to everyone!
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I have millions things to do today but couldn't help myself and I had to upload this natural light newborn baby portrait that I have taken earlier on today. Newborn baby and family portrait is mainly in my focus but this little flower was something unexpected. I literally introduced this pink flower prop first time for the photo shoot and I have instantly been rewarded for my bold decision as when  I enter the house I saw that it was decorated in the same color flowers wallpaper matching my prop. And here is the result:

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What is a contemporary portrait photography? what is a candid maternity and family portrait photography? I think when trying to find answer to these questions we need to start taking photographs and see what is a family contemporary  style photography .. is it still B&W classic approach or filters and instagram style like postering and posing vintage and sometimes awkward ? What makes us want to look at some photographs over and over again? How to make photography a medium that will capture something special eternally..? Well I think I don't know but trying to find out makes my customers happy and moved .. so I guess I will be trying my best over and over again as well....
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Recently I had this enormous pleasure to photograph M and her beautiful family. Maternity and family photo shoot followed by a newborn photo session. It was an overcast day but great light for a an indoor family portrait. The style of my so called photo stories  is mainly the same and is related closely to the place of whom my modelling family is very fond of.  I like this particular picture for lots of natural light and clarity and not too staged facial expression of this beautiful mum to be...Maternity photography as I see it is all about expecting and about capturing  every little detail around the whole story...
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I have been writing about wedding and portrait photography but here is just another story captured at the Wedding Day-every portrait is different as every person is. This little boy wearing a pink bow tie was one of the main stars at this particular wedding. Not only bravely wearing suspenders and tie but also sitting in the front row in the Church and showing great manners throughout the whole day. And then there was a party and a special prize and fun for kids that could came up with ideas for a wedding photobooth, great way to entertain both guests and all the kids at the venue. on the end of the day...what is a wedding without smiling and dancing kids?
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I love natural and unobtrusive wedding photography, when photographing shoes and flowers or doing any close -up I focus on every detail that is original and unique to the couple's personalities as possible. Every bride has different style and individual taste,and as a photographer I really appreciate it! that is the reason mainly every single wedding is different to the other.What I want to say Wedding photography relates strictly to the Bride's taste and choices and if one respects that truly then photographing a special day comes easier and you don't have wave plans and schedules in front of the wedding guests as when you diligently approach the pre-wedding meetings you'll know for sure how to shoot wedding just right.
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This post is about fathers in baby photography. Some time ago a came across one of the most inspirational photographers when it comes to contemporary family photography to me. Philip Toledano created most intimate and emotional series photographing his dying father , called :The Days with my father and then he published a photographic book called -The reluctant father a real mind opener. He slowly discovers "feelings" for his daughter and documenting this transformation from being a reluctant to loving father: The first eighteen months were a time of torment, dismay, and confusion. The blinding light of unalloyed love came later. It's a surprisingly frank, funny, and moving account, and he hopes his daughter won't hold it against him when she's grown up. Baby photography shown from the point of view of a father. It's interesting to know and to be brave enough to let people know that fatherhood might be a struggle and not only sweet little memories.More here:
Baby Portrait and maternity, Dublin.
Let me start by saying the most cliche thing you will hear - Photography has always been a part of my life and certainly my biggest passion. I am a mum to two beautiful girls, who had inspired me to fulfill my talent. And that you'd probably hear few times already too:)But it started a lot earlier for me when I became obsessed with taking pictures of other little bundles of "sweet joy". I would photograph my nephews and nieces baby cousins: everything, from their first smile to the way they would stick out the tongue when would discover something new. I set up my in home studio to take pictures of my daughters, soon friends and family were asking me to take photo's of their little ones...and Matchbox Family Photography was born. My main focus is newborn and baby photography. I loved looking at my kids newborn photos and wanted to share those same feelings with other parents. There is nothing more tender than looking at that brand new baby and those special moments which capture the innocence of pure love that your new baby has brought. Such a little person with so much affection and adoration will be captured and will evoke your first memories which go by so quickly. They say time goes by fast and indeed, they grow too fast. Photographing newborn babies is one of the most rewarding changes I have made in my life. I hope that you all embrace my style of photography that is simple, natural and exude my love of newborn photography.
Maternity Photography by Anna Nowakowska | Matchtbox Photography | Dublin, Ireland

Bumps and babies, daddies and siblings all want to be in the picture and that is just great! But we need to make some space for a special surprise image that is just and only about the baby inside. The time passes and the bump will be gone replaced by a flat tummy soon;) Why not to stop and give it few good "shots"while we at it. Maternity photography is very boudoir and feminine but works great manly with soft colours and natural soft light. The bijou matching all just adds to it. And while we still in France-what about going full Marie Antoinette and put a pair of lace baby shoes on the bump. I am joking of course but photography ideas are endless, work it out yourself.
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I remember looking on the B&W photographs of my family when I was a child. And what impact it had on me back then. I thought to myself that those images had to really ancient! My dad as a little boy! For me it was hundreds of years of a child-time perception. But when then I started to take pictures with my film camera when I was 14 and it was obvious that photography was B&W not because there was no colour in the world but because we could only use B&W film and photographic paper just like the photographer that took pictures of my dad. And even know when I have a choice a still use B&W photography processing quite often. It doesn't have to be formal or classic in use. I do it because it gives more dramatic look and is simply universal.

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Baby and Newborn Photography by Anna Nowakowska | Dublin
My clients often ask me: what is the difference between baby and newborn photography. I spend some time recently with a fried of mine who is a studio based only newborn photographer. And we both tried to explain that to a couple who was just expecting a baby next week. It is vital for us photographers to make this border line between newborn and baby photography, newborn is only up to 10 days after the baby is born then after that : a baby photo shoot. Why? it is very simple and when you a first time mum it might be difficult to notice. Newborn sleeps almost all the time and is less prone to experience skin problems-rash and all sorts of pimples. When it sleeps longer it is easier for us to pose the baby. And get all those cute - baby in the basket sleeping tight poses. Then it's the baby photography and we use totally different tricks. But also lovely:)
Beautiful candid girls photography by Anna Nowakowska | Dublin

 family photography is so important!
The beautiful summer has passed but thanks to this fantastic medium which is photography we can at least cherish those beautiful moments in the future. Here I wanted to capture this special few seconds when the two sisters where playing in the tall grass.  Such beautiful memories of these two little princesses!
Maternity Portrait Photography by Anna Nowakowska | Dublin, Ireland

Maternity photography is about the bump but also about the mother and I believe it should be the moment when she feels comfortable and beautiful and that really doesn't  depend on how far she is.  I took a low angle of view here and the couple loved it! This uncommon angle is more noticeable, and a more natural looking still.

I love maternity and family portrait photography ...apart from baby photography of course it captures the most unique moments of expecting just the very end when the emotions and the bump grow bigger and bigger every minute!
 It is a bit tiring and nerve wrecking but it is important! And you are important - the mum to be! Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed but isn't that a part of the beauty of motherhood?

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Beautiful family portrait

What a serious little man! No wonder the girls are having fun! It's a new baby in the family! This and other precious moments are worth capturing. Family portrait candid or taken in the studio has a significant role to play in our daily life. Sometimes we don't even encounter the time passing. Last week I have received an email from a mum of a newborn baby that I photographed on a previous week. Anna, she wrote: I can't believe he changed so much in a weeks time! 

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Dad's family portrait

I took this family portrait in black and white few weeks ago. And this post is again about my favourite feature in photography. Yes! Natural light. I am pro natural light and bearing all the consequences, even this vibrant wall paper looks good when back dropped to this proud Dad, doesn't it?
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Kids Portrait Photography by Anna Nowakowska Matchbox Photography Dublin

When and who decided what is a portrait?

I'll tell you this: work your angle. And plan ahead what you want to capture have a glimpse, a hint of knowledge regarding what your client wants to have... Everything else in photography is just an undiscovered land you can play with.
 One of my unsurpassed  masters Jane Bown was taking pictures always almost at the eye level of her model. This gives a feeling of intimacy we all like so much.

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How to get a natural smile out of a person when shooting portrait? Some people have it natural, it's the way they are. And that is the best you can get. But also it is important to remember never force a child to smile for a photographer. I often encourage my little model not to smile if they don't want to because (even if mum is standing on the side saying "SMILE"):

  1. It is visible on the picture if the smile is not genuine.
  2. Children (I know that from my broad experience since I am a mum too) tend to do just the opposite they have been told to do if they are forced.

And the result is that you have a wince... That is not something that anybody would consider a lovely, candid photo that you want to hang on your wall and have "cherished for future generations" let the kids do what they ought to themselves.

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NCBI Ireland Portrait Photography by Anna Nowakowska

Some very important project has just been completed!!! For the past few weeks I had the extraordinary opportunity to work for NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland), making a special portrait photo documentary series of their members. The project is called "Rainbow Journeys”.

I will devote another post to it, but now you can already find more details of the Project on NCBI website under the link here:

Briefly, many thanks for whole fantastic team of NCBI, who suported me during this busy time, that was great experience to work with you together guys! Hope for broader cooperation in near future:)

NCBI portrait photography by Anna Nowakowska Matchbox Photography

The gallery of Portraits Photography for NCBI will be available here.

I took a great pleasure in photographing this small venue wedding late September wedding in Dublin. It was a spiritual ceremony with candles and exchanging white roses as a symbol of pure love and devotion.
The venue took place in a small but gorgeous garden on the back of one of the oldest Pubs in Dublin. Most importantly I had lots of time to spend at my favourite time of the day with the bride - the bride preparation. Lots of fun and time to shoot details like this one above properly and with attention. Everything went accordingly to time schedule and in relaxed atmosphere but there were few joyful tears shed....

more details you can watch by my wedding photojournalism portfolio

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What is important in baby photography? How to produce something that is really unique to each and every portrait? Our children grow up so fast that capturing every moment would be recommended but unfortunately it is not possible. But what I take into consideration when capturing newborn or babies is a close-up. It could be anything form first moment of grabbing daddy's thumb to first smile or favourite toy or blanket. Details. Mummy's smile and hair. It is all still a big part of a family or baby portrait.

baby photographer anna nowakowska matchbox photography dublin ireland

I try to take as many photgraphs like that as possible because that is also capturing time and development of your little one.
baby photography portfolio

Very often my clients ask me whether to choose studio or natural light/ location based photo shoot for their baby or family portrait. What light is better?
Artificial/ studio or ambient/natural light. I would like to explain this whole subject but I would have to break it into few separate posts as the subject of lighting is very broad. Light matters especially when we think of candid baby portraits.
Natural light in photography is sun light and the way it falls on the subject, in this case the model. In the studio everything photographer does is simply "imitating" the sunlight by using flash and strobe lights. The best results in portraiture photography can be achieved with one soft box only.

So why imitate something that is there already? Natural light is beautiful it reflects in range of tones and it doesn't have to be bright/sharp day light to take good photographs of your baby. I am personally a big fan of Irish light. It has soft blue tone in it that gives skin lovely soft colours. For best results when shooting indoors - the clients home - I use wide aperture and low ISO. This combination creates great depth of field. But most importantly when shooting on location or outdoors using natural light I have this whole great space to use to capture children at play or when running, basically doing what children like to do most. I can still introduce props but don't have to worry about babies and kids getting bored quickly. And for that and many other reasons I would recommend using what's given. Simple and natural light. 

to see more details on my wedding photography approach, please visit my website:

Quite recently I had this enormous pleasure to photograph this beautiful wedding venue in Auron, Provance.  This is one shot that I like in particular as it is of the children- my favourite subject." We want to be in the picture!" the flower girl said.
The light in Provance is very bright and everything around is burnt by it. The grass is yellow and it causes strong shadows. Shade of the branches gives dark spots on the skin. But thankfully there was this little group of trees aside of the hotel just right for the bunch of little people in bright clothes.That was my first wedding shot on that day! First time in such a blast of light. And a darkened church. White balance! So look around before you start shooting there has to be a spot you can drag all the guests to.

I am preparing a photo book from the wedding and will upload the samples soon!

Today I had a pleasure to take few images of baby boy J. I made a trip to Wicklow and I knew it was going to be good. But on arrival I realised I am not only going to do the baby shoot, but also a huge chestnut family friend Roxy wanted to be in the frame, seeking my attention and licking the camera lens!!! Surprise surprise! :)

And who owns that paw on the left? I was worrying about propping and positioning the 2 month old baby. So delicate...and fragile. But Roxy solved the problem. She just wanted to be a part of it! 

 And I realised again that there is always space for a surprise as a natural part of every photoshoot.  It's not worth it to beat yourself up about all unexpected things. If you find yourself in such a situation - just go on with it! It is a part of the workflow! Be prepared for surprises! You're going to love it even more!

To see more results of the day, please go to Newborn & Baby Portraits Photography Gallery from Wicklow.

What is a family portrait? Or rather what is a portrait of a family? Portrait in general is a picture of a person, or a sketch or sculpture, but a portrait is so much than that. It is a collaboration between a subject and in this case a photographer. It is about the balance between those two. But first and foremost : how the photographer sees the world, how he or she sees other people.
This black and white picture of my father and I is one of my favourites. I remember  being  a child on a stroll with my father and an uncle of mine, just next to this vast forest.  My uncle was an amateur photographer, always carrying his Minolta x300. And this moment just happened. I wasn't ask to pose. And it looks natural. The light was beautiful as it was a sunny day. A little girl and her father. 

I have kept this one with me my whole life. The memory stays with it. I think that is the main magic trick of photography. It grasps moments that we don't want to let go...

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It's been raining again. But nevertheless I was shooting this little munchkin in Greystones. Usually I would use the natural light in the backyard. But it was impossible today and the girl was unsettled and a little bit impatient but as soon she jumped into the car she gave me this fantastic expression! It is always a little bit challenging to shoot trough the glass, mind all the other reflections not to mention raindrops that reflect light in their own special way! 
The glass is bouncing and reflecting ambient light outdoors like crazy! I attempted this shot few times before with my manual/film camera!   I used a very low ISO for the conditions and still got the sharp eye catching the light!

Baby Photography Dublin Ireland

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The weather was very miserable for the past few weeks in Dublin so I've been hiding in the studio with various models and props. Lots of fun but mostly a great experience. I have learnt a lot and have some advice if you are interested... Dear Reader.

1. If you are planning a session with kids always ALWAYS make sure that they have been fed before and that you have a reliable assistant to keep them away from the wires and leads - if there are no parents available of course. Also you need a lots of props: toys, food, hats, dresses etc...For entertainment!
2. Make sure that they  do understand what you expect from them before going into the studio, stick to your plan but also leave the space for wonders and their own initiative. They are gonna love it!
3. Being firm but not strict helps. Let them feel comfortable around you and the camera.

Today I would like to share a special surprise that has been created for my own YouTube channel! It is stunningly done and  is all about studio photography- my most recent work.

Visit my web to see more results of my studio portraits photography day in Dublin!

The first post is always as first step - never easy going, but finally allows you to reach the goals:) There won't be any introduction, describing myself or my job. Just pure sharing of my photography's passion:) And than we're gonna see, how this blog will transform itself with the help of my warm welcomed visitors!

So, instead of little introduction, my recent pic from the studio session with kids - a great time with great shoots! Some more results you can find on my facebook or my Portraits Photographer in Dublin | Ireland websection.

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