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The fashion comes and goes. We are in the special era when everybody wants to turn their precious baby in the bumble bee or ladybird, or maybe even a pumpkin. But I think -personally- that we need to remeber what is universal in  baby and newborn photography.  That is a special uniqueness of your brand new baby and making enormous effort to wrap your baby put in the basket, basin ,bucket instead of making it relaxed top give you this unforgettable experience and freshness of newborn shot.  A first smile! What a treat. What a rewarding job! To witness that and see the jou in parents eyes and be gratified for this! Well, let's be honest sometimes it's hard. And Marta and Tom now exactly what I am talking about.:) But yeah! On the end of the day it is a very enjoyable experience! And I love it!

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This little elf has been found recently on Christmas Gift Voucher Baby Photo shoot and as you can see yourself is very happy and bubbly. This and many other photos has been taken recently of little Santa helpers and I am sure are gonna be treasured for many Christmases to come:) By mum dad grandparents and friends. And in addition pictures like that make a fantastic personalised Christmas Cards presents and what a surprise when you expect another robin Christmas card and there it is ...yeah some little robin indeed:) Merry Christmas to everyone!
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I have millions things to do today but couldn't help myself and I had to upload this natural light newborn baby portrait that I have taken earlier on today. Newborn baby and family portrait is mainly in my focus but this little flower was something unexpected. I literally introduced this pink flower prop first time for the photo shoot and I have instantly been rewarded for my bold decision as when  I enter the house I saw that it was decorated in the same color flowers wallpaper matching my prop. And here is the result:

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What is a contemporary portrait photography? what is a candid maternity and family portrait photography? I think when trying to find answer to these questions we need to start taking photographs and see what is a family contemporary  style photography .. is it still B&W classic approach or filters and instagram style like postering and posing vintage and sometimes awkward ? What makes us want to look at some photographs over and over again? How to make photography a medium that will capture something special eternally..? Well I think I don't know but trying to find out makes my customers happy and moved .. so I guess I will be trying my best over and over again as well....
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Recently I had this enormous pleasure to photograph M and her beautiful family. Maternity and family photo shoot followed by a newborn photo session. It was an overcast day but great light for a an indoor family portrait. The style of my so called photo stories  is mainly the same and is related closely to the place of whom my modelling family is very fond of.  I like this particular picture for lots of natural light and clarity and not too staged facial expression of this beautiful mum to be...Maternity photography as I see it is all about expecting and about capturing  every little detail around the whole story...
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