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The weather was very miserable for the past few weeks in Dublin so I've been hiding in the studio with various models and props. Lots of fun but mostly a great experience. I have learnt a lot and have some advice if you are interested... Dear Reader.

1. If you are planning a session with kids always ALWAYS make sure that they have been fed before and that you have a reliable assistant to keep them away from the wires and leads - if there are no parents available of course. Also you need a lots of props: toys, food, hats, dresses etc...For entertainment!
2. Make sure that they  do understand what you expect from them before going into the studio, stick to your plan but also leave the space for wonders and their own initiative. They are gonna love it!
3. Being firm but not strict helps. Let them feel comfortable around you and the camera.

Today I would like to share a special surprise that has been created for my own YouTube channel! It is stunningly done and  is all about studio photography- my most recent work.

Visit my web to see more results of my studio portraits photography day in Dublin!

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