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How to get a natural smile out of a person when shooting portrait? Some people have it natural, it's the way they are. And that is the best you can get. But also it is important to remember never force a child to smile for a photographer. I often encourage my little model not to smile if they don't want to because (even if mum is standing on the side saying "SMILE"):

  1. It is visible on the picture if the smile is not genuine.
  2. Children (I know that from my broad experience since I am a mum too) tend to do just the opposite they have been told to do if they are forced.

And the result is that you have a wince... That is not something that anybody would consider a lovely, candid photo that you want to hang on your wall and have "cherished for future generations" let the kids do what they ought to themselves.

here you can find more of my children portrait photography

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