Planning the Session


For a successful newborn session, please plan for your session to take place during the first 3-14 days after birth to help ensure a sleepy, relaxed baby. 
When you book your session, I will tentatively plan for it to take place shortly after your due date (babies sometimes come early or late so I always maintain flexibility in my scheduling).  

Once your baby is born, please notify me from the hospital and I will work with you to pick a date within 10 days of birth for your little one's first photo shoot.  Newborn sessions typically last from two to four hours to ensure we have time for multiple setup changes, feedings, and settling.
More on planning.

 It is possible to discuss your ideas, sentimental props or poses you have in mind. It would just be beneficial if you let me know some time before the session. I plan your session in great detail and stick to poses I am a master at so suggesting an idea mid-session catches me off guard and can result in less than optimal images :) I have mentioned it many times before on this blog, my emails and on my website: your baby's safety comes first! 
If there is ever a point where you or your baby become uncomfortable, just let me know! I take every measure to keep your baby safe. For that reason, I will always make sure that a parent or assistant is nearby to lend a hand if needed.  
I am extremely gentle and patient with every baby I photograph however, do not be surprised if your baby is a bit unsettled, it is a first time experience for many!

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