Fatherhood and baby photography.

baby photography dublin
This post is about fathers in baby photography. Some time ago a came across one of the most inspirational photographers when it comes to contemporary family photography to me. Philip Toledano created most intimate and emotional series photographing his dying father , called :The Days with my father and then he published a photographic book called -The reluctant father a real mind opener. He slowly discovers "feelings" for his daughter and documenting this transformation from being a reluctant to loving father: The first eighteen months were a time of torment, dismay, and confusion. The blinding light of unalloyed love came later. It's a surprisingly frank, funny, and moving account, and he hopes his daughter won't hold it against him when she's grown up. Baby photography shown from the point of view of a father. It's interesting to know and to be brave enough to let people know that fatherhood might be a struggle and not only sweet little memories.More here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2573420/I-never-particularly-interested-having-kids-How-one-reluctant-dad-learned-love-fatherhood.html

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