Newborn Baby photographs.

Baby and Newborn Photography by Anna Nowakowska | Dublin
My clients often ask me: what is the difference between baby and newborn photography. I spend some time recently with a fried of mine who is a studio based only newborn photographer. And we both tried to explain that to a couple who was just expecting a baby next week. It is vital for us photographers to make this border line between newborn and baby photography, newborn is only up to 10 days after the baby is born then after that : a baby photo shoot. Why? it is very simple and when you a first time mum it might be difficult to notice. Newborn sleeps almost all the time and is less prone to experience skin problems-rash and all sorts of pimples. When it sleeps longer it is easier for us to pose the baby. And get all those cute - baby in the basket sleeping tight poses. Then it's the baby photography and we use totally different tricks. But also lovely:)

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