Baby and new parents.Newborn photography Dublin.

Maternity baby photography dublin ireland anna nowakowska

I have seen a lot of joy photographing newborn babies and their families. I honestly have to say I have a privilege witnessing all this. But I have also seen parents overwhelmed by this "joy":) Well my dear fellow mums it all takes time..I suppose. We all learn and we all have been there.. I just need to say it out loud please don't feel uncomfortable because you invited this strange polish lady with the big camera. I am part of it  I am a mum and I am documenting something very important. I am open to your ideas. You have every right to get tired and nervous..countless .sleepless nights and where is my space? But that's all a part of motherhood and I try to document a very look and smile that comes with it. How proud you really are even though exhausted with two other children and a toddler that want to be with you all the same..I like the way the mum looks at dad here..and I think it's worth photographing this as a proof of love. Everything that family should be. Not only on the photographs of course.

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