On maternity (how to prepare) and baby portraits. By Anna, Dublin.


I have been writing a bit on newborn, baby, family portrait re; very important thing preparation for the shot.
Here is the tip: No matter how big you think you are prepare clothes that will show your curves. That is one thing I always tell my mums to be. Few pairs of bra in different colours. We are going to expose belly and naturally some part of the upper belly where the bra is in focus as well. Try colours that match your eyes.  Good pair of comfy Leggins are inevitable. For changing position and maybe a relaxed walk to the beach to take some photos there.. In my photographs I use a lot of lot o colour. But always ask mums to prepare clothes that are plain. Not to stripy or squery..(is that even a word). I give plenty of advice anyway Before the photo session. so don't worry. it's about you in that special moments not only the almighty BUMP.:)

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